After Incorporation Services

After company Incorporation Services

Company Name Change

The name change of your already incorporated company is no small matter. A strict procedure is followed and you have to comply with all the ROC(Registrar of Companies) requirements.

  • I. Conversion from private to public or vice-versa.
  • II. Change from ABC limited to XYZ limited.

Company is a legal identity and it must have a name to create an independent corporate existence. In the Memorandum of Association, any suitable name may be adopted by a company by which it is known.

Board of directors of company pass a resolution selecting the new name of the company aligned with the ROC guidelines.

CCV India helps prepare all the documents meeting the Company Name change requirements Board Minutes, EGM Minutes, Notices, Forms etc.

We following all the legal steps to obtain approval letter for the availability of new name and certificate of incorporation with the new name from ROC.


Formation of MoA (memorandum of association) is the first step in the formation of a company. It is principle document containing fundamental conditions regulating the external affairs; registered office, intentions, objectives, and name of the company. To alter the provisions of Memorandum of your company due procedure is mentioned in the Companies Act, 2013.

The approval of shareholders is required for alteration in the Memorandum of Association, a resolution is passed for this purpose. In addition, every change must be duly documented and approved by Registrar of Companies(ROC).

ALTERATION NAME CLAUSE : A company may change its name after passing a resolution and obtaining approval from the central Government. No approval of central government is required for addition/removal of the word private in case of conversion of a company.

ALTERATION SITUATION CLAUSE : A company may shift its registered office to another state by obtaining approval of central Government and passing a special resolution. Fresh certificate of incorporation is issued to the company after filing of these documents with the registrar.

ALTERATION OBJECT CLAUSE : It specifies objectives for which a company is registered. As per the section 13 of companies Act, 2013 the object clause can be altered by passing a special resolution.

ALTERATION CAPITAL CLAUSE: As per Section 61 of the Companies Act ,2013: By organizing a general meeting and passing an ordinary resolution alteration of capital clause is possible .

ALTERATION LIABILITY CLAUSE: The liability of shareholders can be altered by passing a special resolution and filing it within 30 days.

CCV India helps in preparation of all necessary documents to alter the Memorandum of Association.


For every company, registered office is the principle place of business. This is the address used for correspondence and all official documents by Ministry of Corporate Affairs are sent to this location. The registered office of a company can be changed within the local limits of the city or to another state.

For a company, it is possible to change the registered office anytime after incorporation. There is a due procedure mentioned in the Companies Act, 2013. Approval of Ministry of corporate affairs and shareholders is required for this purpose. To change the address within local limits a notice is given to the concerned ROC. In case the move is to another state an advertisement is placed in the newspaper and special resolution is passed before giving notice to Government.

CCV India makes this move convenient for your company by preparing all necessary documents. We help to obtain fresh certificate of incorporation from the ROC of the new state where office is shifted.

Change in Authorized Capital

For a company authorized capital is the maximum amount upto which it has right to issue shares. Where there is need for more investment, a procedure is given by the law to increase the authorized capital.

To increase the authorized capital of a company approval from board of directors and shareholders is mandatory. To get approval of shareholders, Board of directors fix a data and time for Extra ordinary general meeting. A resolution is passed on the due date for increasing the authorized capital. It is followed by filing of form SH-7 with the prescribed fee.

CCV India helps clients get instant approval for change in the authorized capital following procedures prescribed in the Companies Act, 2013.

Note: The provision to change authorized capital of a company is mentioned in Articles of Association. In case there is no provision in current AoA, the company needs to alter its AoA.

Appointment & Removal of a Director

CCV India helps add or remove a Director/Designated partner from your Company or LLP. Directors are appointed for the management of a company. For a Private Limited Company, it is mandatory to have a minimum of two Directors and for Limited Company, this number is three. Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 requires every LLP to have at least two designated partners. Change in business may require appointment or removal of a Director.

The proposed Director must be 18 years of age and possess DIN(Director Identification Number) allotted by the MCA.

We provide service for Removal, Resignation, appointment, and disqualification of Company Director. Our experts help in preparation of documents that need to be filed with the MCA for the proposed change to the Board of Directors of your company.

Conversion of Company

Private Company in to Public Company

There are many steps involved in the process of conversion from private to public limited company. First is to alter the article of association and remove the word private from the name. Wait for the certificate of commencement from MCA. Three directors, seven members, and a minimum paid-up capital of INR Five lakhs is necessary.

There are many benefits of conversion from a private limited company to public. Shares of a public limited company are easy to transfer it can be used to raise capital by listing on the share market, and issuing fixed deposits and debentures. Credibility is also a major benefit with transparency in the operations with annual general body meetings for shareholders disclosing structural changes and statement of accounts.

We help alter the articles of association, removal of private from the company name, and all requirements for conversion to a public limited company.

Public Company into Private Company

The Companies Act, 2013 provides provision to convert a public company into a private company. It is done by altering the Memorandum and Articles of association. Conversion to private company reduces compliance as a public company is subject to several regulatory requirements. these activities need substantial expenses. Public companies are accountable to shareholders, investors, and creditors wheras private companies enjoy limited liability.

To be eligible for this conversion, the company should not have accepted deposits from public and listed on any stock exchange, in case it is listed the company has to wait for one year after delisting of securities.

A Board meeting is called to consider the proposal for conversion. It is followed by arranging an extraordinary general meeting by issuing a 21-day notice. A special resolution is passed by the shareholders at the extraordinary general meeting. This resolution along with altered MoA and AoA documents is filed with the registrar of companies. This procedure is to obtain a fresh certificate of incorporation for company.

CCV India provides complete secretarial services for conversion of a Public company into a private company. It includes alternation of MoA & AoA of the company and filing of these documents with the ROC. We also provide support for post conversion formalities.

  • New PAN for the company.
  • Update Bank account Details.
  • New name for the company.
  • Adoption for nemly formed AoA & MoA.