Annual Filing

Annual Filing

An annual general meeting is required by law and is conducted between members of an organization to make important decisions at the end of each financial year to maintain compliance and file an annual return. A financial report is presented to the members to review status of an organization. Report on AGM is prepared in the prescribed format signed by the chairman of the meeting.

Annual Filing for Companies

Annual Filing is mandatory for every company incorporated in India. It includes filing of financial statements and annual return with the Registrar of the Companies. The annual return documents include balance sheet of the company, registered office address, shares and debenture details, transfer of securities, and changes in Directorship. Annual General Meeting is conducted by companies in India at the end of each financial year to maintain compliance.

Annual Filing for LLPs

Filing of LLP Form 11 is an annual compliance for all Limited Liability Partnership registered in India. It is filed electronically, with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs each year to maintain compliance. There is no provision for re-submission so, it is necessary to ensure complete accuracy of all the information. In case of any change in the designated partner or partner, e-form 4 shall be filed before the due date for Annual Return. LLP form 11 is due within 60 days of the closure of financial year. One of the Designated Partners of the LLP must digitally Sign the Form 11. Statement of accounts and solvency is filed by LLPs in the E-form 8, it is filed within 30 days from six months of the closing of the financial year.

Annual return is prepared and verified on the basis of financial performance of the company during previous year. Digital signature is affixed and supported documents are attached before filing with the MCA.

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