Company Valuation

Online Stock and Share valuation of companies in India

Company valuation is an assessment of the value of the tangible and intangible assets for different purposes. It could be a sale-purchase decision, stock market listing, share transfer, or settlement of a dispute. The purpose is imperative to determine the methods and standards of evaluation. In each case, a set of benchmarks are practiced for calculating a company's fair value. An understanding of various complex factors is necessary for right valuation. Factors used in the process include uniqueness of a company, its business plans, and current economy trends.

Valuation Methods: Predominantly, there are three valuation approaches which are combined together to give a clear view of the worth of a company and reduce inconsistencies rising due to the economic variations. These approaches are further classified into methods which are used in valuation exercises depending on the purpose.

  • Income approach
  • Asset approach
  • Market approach

At CCV, we offer a practical insight into the operational and financial affairs helping you understand a company's real value. Using latest techniques, we perform an in-depth analysis to provide a comprehensive valuation report.

Our valuation exercises are a combination of methods presenting most accurate insights helping understand the process by giving information in reports and graphics. Our experts help you make the right choice with their in-depth financial advisory. Company valuation reports give a clear view of present financial status to make accurate future projections.

Private companies seek valuation to raise capital or grant stock-based compensation to employees. The valuation reports are used by investors for settlement of negotiations in a sale-purchase decision.

CCV India is a leading financial advisory and SEBI-registered merchant banker providing industry standard company valuation service.

Our company valuation Service is for:

  • Start-ups who want to present financial data to investors.
  • SMEs who want to make a decision about merger/acquisition.
  • Corporates who want to use these reports for future business plans.
  • Share transfer negotiation between partners and settlement of disputes.