Private Limited Company Registration

Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration is for the protection of intellectual property under Copyright Act 1957. It is granted for authorship of unique literary works, artistic works, dramatic works, and musical works in the form of computer programs, software, books, sound recordings, designs, and painting.

Any individual or company claiming to be the owner of a unique work can apply for copyright registration. For copyright registration, a copy of the original work along with identity and address proof of the owner is required. Copyright Registration is an evidence of ownership required for infringement action against unauthorized use of your work. Copyrights are transferable and give an owner the right to reproduce, adapt, and translate the work.

The application for registration is filed with the registrar in form XIV along with Statement of Particulars (SoP) and requisite fees.

At Corporate CapitalVentures, we provide consultation service for Copyright Registration. Our experts prepare and file the copyright application as per the nature of your work. We keep track of the process and give you status of the application until completion of the registration.