Private Limited Company Registration

Private Limited Company Registration

For Private Limited Company registration CCV India is a consultancy with reliable Secretarial services. Pvt. Ltd. is a proven business model where owners hold all shares of the company. Owners may hire directors or operate business themselves. Private limited companies are treated as a single entity offering the benefit of limited liability. A minimum of two shareholders which can also function as directors are needed for the incorporation with a minimum start-up capital of 100,000 (INR One Lac).

Benefits of Pvt. Ltd. Company:

  • Best option for start-ups with lesser legal compliance
  • Future growth with conversion to Public Limited
  • Only two person can start a company
  • Limited Liability
  • Tax advantages
  • Business continuity
  • Higher credibility and transparency

How to register Pvt. Ltd. Company?

To file the company registration document, Digital Signature Certificate of one director is needed. It is possible to apply online for the DSC with the assistance of our representative to fill and submit the form. Also, a legal and unique name as per the guidelines of the MCA is to be chosen. The company needs to carefully draft MOA and AOA documents which state the powers, objectives, rules, and regulation, we have a legal team to provide the required support. Online application is needed to register PAN and TAN, we complete the necessary process after you provide the documents. As a whole., company registration is completed in 15-20 working days.