Producer Company Registration

Producer Company Registration

Producer company has the objective of production, procurement, harvesting, handling, selling, export of primary produce. A minimum of ten persons can incorporate a producer company with a paid up capital of 5 lakhs under the companies Act, 2013. Also, a producer company should have 5-15 Directors for incorporation.


A producer company is a legal entity with wide capacity and uninterrupted existence.

Producer companies are registered with the Central Government and therefore are credible.

Members are not personally responsible for liabilities of the company.

It is easy to change the board of management of a producer company by filing a simple form with ROC(Registrar of Companies) ensuring flexible management.

How to register a producer company?

For registration of a Producer Company, Director Identification Number (DIN) and Digital Signature Certificate(DSC) is needed for the proposed Directors. Once DIN is obtained and DSC, the company has to file for reservation of name to MCA. After name approval, registration documents are submitted to MCA for incorporation. We provide speedy services to complete the process in 20-30 days to make the incorporation possible at the earliest.