Public Limited Company Registration

Public Limited Company Registration in India

A Public Limited Company is free to accept deposits from the public by offering its shares. It is the biggest company structure possible in India with no restriction on the maximum shareholders and a minimum start-up capital is 500,000(INC 5 Lacs) . A public company needs a minimum of three directors and seven members for incorporation. All decisions regarding company policies are taken by the Board of Directors on a majority rule.

Benefits of Public Company:

Raising capital from existing investors: By listing on stock exchange the company is able to raise capital for future growth.

Shares are freely transferable: There is exchange of shares in the stock market the share owners are also part of the decision making. No limit to the maximum number of shareholders.

Limited Liability: Limited Liability means the responsibility of members is only to a limited extent for debts of the company.

How to register a Public Company in India?

To register a public company DIN of all the directors is mandatory along with DSC for any one of the Directors. Before filing of the company registration documents to ROC proposed names must be submitted to the MCA on the basis of naming guidelines and availability. Name approval takes 5-7 working days depending on the processing time. We help in name selection for a quick approval and to make company incorporation easy. With our service, a Public Company is incorporated in 15-20 days.