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Employee Stock option Plan (ESOP) is a corporate strategy for retaining and motivating employees. Under which a company gives its employees the right to buy a certain number of shares at a fixed price (grant) for a certain period of time in years. An employee is required to complete the vesting period to exercise the option. New generation companies are using ESOPs to retain highly skilled employees. In an extremely competitive IT sector, the sense of ownership encourages employees to pursue a long-term career. It is a right, not an obligation for employees to buy shares at a predefined price.

To start with the mission is employee retention, but ESOPs also help in saving of cash compensation. By granting stock option to employees, a company can save funds to channelize the growth.


Ind AS 102: Ind AS (Indian Accounting Standard) 102 prescribes financial reporting in respect of share-based benefits and is relevant for companies which remunerate their employees by share-based (or stock option) schemes, such as Employee Stock Options (ESOP), Share Appreciation Rights (SAR), Phantom Equity, Share Purchase Plans (SPP) etc.

Income Tax provisions: In reference to amendments vide the Finance Act, 2009, the ESOPs has been made taxable in the hands of employees as ‘Perquisites’, subject to certain conditions. For the purposes of clause (vi) of sub-section (2) of section 17, the fair market value of any specified security or sweat equity share, being an equity share in a company, on the date on which the option is exercised by the employee, shall be determined merchant banker (if shares are not listed).

Types of options:
  • Employee Stock Option Scheme (ESOS)
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)
  • Stock Appreciation Rights (SARs)
  • Restricted Stock Award (RSA)
  • Restricted Stock Unit (RSU)

We as ESOP Advisors formulate schemes favourable to both Employers and Employees and make sure smooth implementation, provide Valuation and advise companies on listing of Shares after conversion of ESOPs.


Public Issue

We handhold the Company and Management throughout the Process of getting their Company Listed on Stock Exchanges and raise funds through IPO.

Valuation & Business Modelling Services

We make decision making simple by Assessing Valuation of Shares/Business in addition to Compliance of Regulatory requirements. We are also specialised in 409a valuations.


M&A Advisory

We as Intermediaries of Transaction make sure that both the parties are in a win-win situation within the scope of Applicable Laws.


Services under IBBI

We act as Deal makers for ‘to be Insolvent companies’ by fuelling necessary support at appropriate time and creating opportunities for our Investors


ESOP Advisory Services

We as ESOP Advisors formulate schemes favourable to both Employers and Employees and make sure smooth implementation.


Corporate Restructuring

We advise our clients to have the most appropriate Corporate structure best suited with the organisation.


Fund Raising Services

We raise funds both through Equity and Debt for Start Ups and Sustained Businesses through various platforms.


Business Acquisition Services

We help our clients to find out Listed/ Unlisted Companies in various businesses, Due Diligence of Target Companies and structuring deals for them.